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Dave Mercer was born in Vancouver BC, the son of a United Church pastor.  

United Church preachers were encouraged to change congregations every five years or so.  It was in the town of Enderby when Dave was 9 that he first began playing guitar.  When the family moved out to Carberry Manitoba, Dave got his first electric guitar… a Fender Mustang with a whammy bar!

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Armed with this new exciting toy, he turned his amp up to “10” and sent his friends down the street to see how far the sound would travel! His father, alarmed at the musical direction his son was pursuing, decided to encourage him to take up the clarinet.  Dave was not impressed.  

When the family moved to Prince George, BC.  Dave, now in junior high, began playing in school rock bands.  At age 13, on a trip to Edmonton, Dave’s Dad bought him a nylon string guitar, the same guitar he later took classical instruction on, at college in Langley, BC.

Dave Mercer - CDs - Dave Mercer MusicAt this time Dave began writing songs, mainly in a finger picking style on the nylon string.  His first recording “The Train” features this style of playing on a number of tracks.

On Dave’s second CD, “Tall Blue House”, he continued to use the Nylon String, this time around exploring alternate tunings on a few of the songs.

These days Dave enjoys playing in, and around, his home town of Langley. 

Whether it is playing his own music, accompanying others, or lending his talent in a studio, Dave is always comfortable behind a guitar and microphone !

Dave Mercer - DaveMercerMusic.com